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I Worked With Women MerPreneurs for 15 Years. And Then the King Hero Archetype Appeared.

They Are the Perfect Match

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I coached women almost exclusively since surviving cancer 2 decades ago. At the time it seemed like a logical business move to have a very focussed niche. And it was.

But one day everything changed.

I woke up to my inner Masculine archetype. It had been a total blindspot. I realized I was at war with it.

As a young child for as long as I could remember I had a love hate relationship with my dad. I was very close to him and we fought with venom. I wished him dead.

At the same time I was a burgeoning feminist. I acted like I invented the movement.

It wasn’t until my parents died that I healed my Masculine.

And I suddenly began attracting King Heroes in my community.

I put an end to my secret war on men. I also healed my relationship with my father and my son. I got so much energy from it I wrote and published the book that had been nagging me for 20 years.

Bringing the Masculine and Feminine Together on the Hero’s Journey

I created this coaching program as a meeting place for men and women to know themselves and each other. If you know yourself, you have power over yourself. If you know each other, then for the good of all you know how to support the other.

If everyone came to peace with their inner Masculine and Feminine they would be prepared to birth what’s needed to fulfill and be valued for their purpose in this crazy ass world.

For MerPreneur’s and King Hero’s

This program is a marriage of my works for MerPreneurs and King Heroes. They are both the identical Hero’s Journey. They are both the identical 8 Journey archetypes I’ve published in my book of the same name.

But, while they are identical archetypes, men and women go through them in different ways.

In general the outer journey of taking fearless action is easier for men.

And in general the inner journey of tackling the emotional underworld is easier for women. It can also reverse, especially given how unnatural our world has come to be.

By bringing the strengths of the Masculine together with the strengths of the Feminine, you will access the power of nature. Those archetypes work perfectly together to birth each one’s purpose.

And that’s exactly what this earth needs.

Don’t get me wrong, you can’t work on anyone’s purpose but your own.

While the purpose of life to be intimately tied with humanity, each one is destined to fulfill their own sacred contract.

Working Together

Working together in these 8 weeks you’ll see into your own purpose and the inner and outer blindspots that may be holding you back from fulfilling on your mission. And you will provide for each other the benefit of the Masculine and Feminine mirror to reflect what value is yet unclaimed.

For King Heroes to be true leaders they need to receive the gifts of the Feminine. And for MerPreneur’s to do their good in the world, they need to receive the gifts of the Masculine.

Doing this work doesn’t make a King Hero more feminine, it makes him more masculine.

And it doesn’t make a MerPreneur more masculine, it allows her to be more feminine.

It is win win because it is nature’s design.


Beth Martens

“Beth is a GREAT coach! Working through the archetypes with her helped me see that my fears and resistance to money and my purpose were just an illusion. Now I know nothing really stands in my way.
Because of this I have taken big leaps in my business and income and I get to do the work I was really called to do.”

Coach, Entrepreneur and Dance Studio Owner (US)

Join a Meeting of King Heroes and MerPreneurs Who Want to Work Together in Community to Become Powerful Forces For Humanity

While Creating Meaning, Purpose, and Emotional Mastery Using a Simple Archetype Map

June 2019-86.jpgJoin this 8 week program for...

  • Gaining mastery over emotional and spiritual triggers.

  • Being valued for sacred purpose. 

  • Connecting with other like-minded and evolving souls gaining their freedom through self-actualizing. 

  • Preparing to be valued for your gifts in a business.

  • Understanding the essential nature of the Hero's Journey.

What's Included in This Coaching Program:

  • Live, 90 minute group calls on Zoom to get clarity, guidance, and coaching about the gifts and shadows of the Journey archetypes. You will learn to recognize and awaken them as they appear in your business, relationships, money, health, and life purpose (8 groups in total). 

  • *Live calls are all recorded and made available.

  • Access to online materials of both the MerPreneur's Journey and King Hero's Journey including workbooks, PDF archetype cards, and audios to prepare for the group sessions.

  • Access to the online forum so you can interact with participants between sessions and get questions answered.

Included Bonuses:

Sacred Money Archetype Assessment and Sacred Money Audio Workshop (Value $197)

Make money sacred with a reading of your specific Sacred Money Archetypes and a group discussion to get past any blocks you might have with money before you embark on the MerPreneur's Journey, so you have a clear and open attitude towards receiving income.

The Primal Voices Videos, Quiz's and Journalling (Value $99)

Have breakthrough's on the 4 archetypes that everyone on earth shares, that keep us feeling on the edge of life and death, that cause us to make choices that are out of alignment with us, that make us feel powerless and unable to affect change and that cause us to sabotage everything that's important we've worked for. 

5 Business Tools For Serving, Attracting and Speaking to High End Clients (Value $147)

Downloads you can use over and over Including:

1. Your Ideal Niche Worksheets - Create or refine the audience of your work so you can speak right to them when you market your service.  

2. Signature System Worksheets - Design step-by-step systems from your passions, talents, experience and trainings that get specific and tangible results for your ideal client. 

3. Jumpstart Package Template - Create a high-end service package with clear outcomes.

4. Sales 'Discovery' Script - Turns sales calls into intimate and transforming conversations about what your potential client really cares about.

5. Signature Story Template - A fill-in-the-blank template for creating your signature talk, your personal mythology that leads to people wanting to work with you.

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  • The King Hero's Journey

    An 8-week archetype coaching program for strong men to get stronger by finding, being valued for and surviving their purpose. On this journey they will learn to tap internal strength, navigate or avoid a crash, and be a part of creating a difference in the world to their potential without having to go at any pace but their own.


    “I really enjoyed learning about each of the archetypes, both the shadows and the strengths. I found the “words that express your value” particularly useful.
    The most exciting thing: It was indeed a journey, and even though Beth provides a map for guidance, you have to undertake the journey yourself for it to be meaningful. Each of the archetypes was like a blueprint, so you can see both the strengths and weaknesses at the same time.

    I am much more ready to create my own future than I was before I started the course. The more work I did on the Journey, especially the shadow work, the more my mind started to open up and the stronger I felt mentally. I was able to see problems and shadows for what they were and know how to tackle them. I now feel I am having more independent, creative and constructive thoughts and ideas than I can employ in my life and business, rather than merely responding to events or raging at the machine.

    I would strongly recommend Beth’s package and the King Hero’s journey. Suspend your scepticism and realize that the key to unlocking your full potential actually lies within you – you just have to start the journey and your life will be so much better for it. Beth will teach you what you need to stay calm and focused as you move ahead. It takes energy and effort. But its worth it.”

How it Works

As soon as you register you gain instant access to the online material - the King Hero's Journey, the MerPreneur's Journey, the Primal Voices and business resources. Weekly modules on each archetype will arrive in your inbox so you can prepare for the live calls.

Calls take place on the free app, Zoom.

After each live call you will get access to the recording.

The Group Coaching forum will be available to you between sessions.

All of your program materials will be found and are nicely organized in my easy to access, secure Simplero server.

Dates (8 Weeks):

Thursdays - March 5, 12, 19, 26 / April 2, 9, 16, 23


1:30 PM CST (90 minutes)


Early bird until February 25th: $497

Regular: $997

Ready to get started?

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  • Beth Martens

    I wanted to tell you that I really feel the power of the Lover audios. I listened to it 4 times now, and I'm really grateful for the way you speak, your precise choice of words, and the pauses at the right times.


    CEO, John Doe Corp

Are you a King Hero?

King Heroes are strong men, authors, and entrepreneurs who want to get stronger by finding, being valued for and surviving their purpose. In this group Journey they will learn to sort out emotions, tap greater internal resolve, and be a part of creating a difference in the world to their potential without having to suffer needlessly.

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Beth Martens

“Beth Martens is a beautiful soul, a shining beacon and one smart lady. Working with her and the archetypes I was able to discover deeply hidden potential and possibility within myself. Beth revealed to me the archetypes that showed up for me around money, invaluable for pin pointing where energy leeks might be happening. By looking at all the aspects including the shadow, we were able to create powerful, actionable items to move me forward in my business.”

Artist and Coach for Women Who Gave Up Babies

MerPreneurs Journey cover

Are You a MerPreneur?

MerPreneur's are coaches, teachers, authors and artists who want to be valued for their purpose so they can serve themselves, their families and communities with their gifts. 

Begin The Group Journey Now
Beth Martens

“It’s really been a magical journey - I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Beth. It’s not just her wealth of expertise and experience, but the depth of compassion, care and attention she brings to her coaching work that have made our time together so impactful for my business. Having a powerful story to share, like I do, can be challenging in terms of how to present it in a way that inspires and motivates others, rather than triggering them. Beth had a great capacity to hear my story and support me in finding a way to tell it so that it could be heard. She also has a beautiful capacity for holding sacred space for releasing any resistance that came up and overall I’ve really felt her commitment to helping me succeed.”

Sacred Sovereignty Coach for Survivors

Purpose and freedom are the same thing.

Begin Your Journey Now!

  • Beth Martens

    “I hired Beth in after I had some scary news from my doctor saying I had 2 weeks to live. She was referred to me by two people in one day and I hired her on the spot for an intense month long program.

    As a result I’ve sorted out my past pain, family pain, and my archetypes. It really set me up to go to the next level. She did great work for me, I could say she saved my life potentially. I have better relationships with my mother and brother, and I just got a clean bill of health from my doctor. And since doing her program my business started expanding at 400% hyper-growth. I already had a multi-million dollar business and it started growing even faster, because of working with her.

    I coach with hundreds of thousands of people around the world myself, and Beth is a fantasist coach who can help the three big areas of life, your health, your relationships, and your happiness. Get those in order and your finances will follow. If you get a chance to work with her, make an effort to do so because she is the real deal. ”

    President, Black Card University

  • Beth Martens

    “You have definitely changed the way I think and look at things now and I can't thank you enough! I really appreciate your patience and listening and tuning into what my goals are.”

Any questions about getting on this Journey?

Let me know a bit about where you're at and any questions you might have and I'll get right back to you.

Thank you so much! I'll be in touch shortly.
  • The MerPreneur's Journey

    An 8 week online course for women healers, coaches, teachers and artists to learn the process of 'Archetype Alchemy' to journey into the 8 MerPreneur Archetypes that map out the path to being valued for their contribution to the freedom of humanity.


    “The Sacred Money Archetypes training alone is worth the price of admission! I highly recommend it already - and I haven't even taken the deep dive into the Merpreneur archetypes yet.”