Freedom and purpose are the same thing.

You're a deeply feeling soul. You care about people and this planet. A lot.

You're not willing to just sit back and watch the world go to pieces.

And you're not willing to leave yourself in the dust to fix it either.

You know you're here for a reason.

Maybe you're already up to your eyeballs in it, and maybe you're just getting brave enough to listen to the voices that are pushing up from inside of you. 

What if the Journey of taking care of this planet and its humans was perfectly in line with the reason you're here and your freedom?

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There comes a time in your life when you hear the call.

It keeps you up at night. It annoys you while you try to relax. It doesn't let you rest or sleep. And it doesn't go away.

No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try not to listen, there it is.

Sometimes it's a breakdown, some kind of a do-not-pass go moment, and sometimes it's a knock em' down cyclone that comes ripping through your life. But it doesn't have to be. You can choose it.

One of two things happen when you hear it.

You either accept it and do what God tells you to do - even though you're scared, you don't feel like it and you'd rather just have an easy life.

Or you say NO, you reject it outright.

That’s where I was nearly 20 years ago.

I was a VP in the corporate world with my family’s firm, and by the age of 25 fighting for my life with a stage 4 lymphoma for having silenced my soul's purpose.

It took me three years, a near death experience, and a second diagnosis before I healed against the odds doing the one thing that got me practically instant results.

Journeying with archetypes

I had been doing everything to heal, you name it - from conventional and alternative treatments, to the most esoteric, spiritual and way out there. It wasn't until I discovered how to work with archetypes that after 3 years of fighting and losing, I began to win.

It is one of the fastest way to go the deepest, to reach the core of why I was sick and to find the keys to recovering the life energy I was losing.

And so after getting better I instantly wanted to help others reclaim important parts of themselves.

Trials by fire made me what I am.

After nearly two decades of studying archetypes in myself and helping others use them to heal, find and be valued for their purpose I went through two more initiations, the death of both of my parents a few years apart. For those who’ve lost parents you know it brings on monumental shifts.

The first shift came on the heals of my dad’s passing, letting me see for the first time how badly damaged my relationship with my own Sacred Masculine archetype was. I had been a champion for women for ten years, but didn’t realize the inner conflict that was going on with my inner Masculine.

And after my mom finished her time on earth, I got the Hero’s Journey in my blood and my bones. I discovered that not only are we blueprinted for particular purpose, each person is going through an archetypal Journey.

(I realized that for all of the soul’s complexity, I wasn’t just dealing with archetype soup. I had known about, studied about and understood it intellectually, but through my grief and strong desire for gleaning the wisdom and freedom from it, I got it in my blood and in my bones.)

I had to write the book.

And so I did. 

It's available for sale on Amazon now.

But if you purchase Journey here with me now, it's your last chance to get a free bonus round of the Journey + Freedom Archetype Study Group.

And if you already jumped in, guess what?! You get another bonus round of the Journey + Freedom Archetype Study Group, my treat!

Includes 8 Zoom sessions every two weeks.

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What You Will Discover

A Story

In this book I'm sharing in intimate detail how I survived a stage 4 lymphoma and learned how to bring back from the dead the denied, disowned and disenfranchised parts of the psyche that get split off by life's many traumas and create free energy that is wired to heal, create and connect. 

A Map 

Because it nearly cost me my life not to follow my soul's purpose and was an extremely difficult path walking blindly, I want to make it easier for you. This book is a map for surviving the sea of meaninglessness, and reclaiming your energy in a world that is invested in you remaining lost. 

A Sacred Marriage

This Journey is here seen through the eyes of both the Sacred Masculine and Feminine archetypes. Like the two strands of the same DNA you will see how they are two parts of the identical journey, and together make it complete and hold the power to birth a new humanity that is free from it's self-consented slavery.

"I wish I had joined sooner!!!"

-Catherine Cleven

In the 'Journey + Freedom Archetype Study Group' you'll get to:

Learn to speak the language of archetypes and connect others about the most important questions you may have about...

  • Knowing your purpose
  • Being valued for your purpose
  • Surviving your purpose.

This is not a class, I won't be teaching in this group. It will be a group discussion based on the archetype journey that is the basis for this book.

We will be going through each of these 8 archetypes that make up the journey to find, be valued for and survive purpose.

You will get to see what's happening in your life through the lens of each archetype and based on what you find, be invited to go deep into exploring the ways you can reclaim your lost purpose and energy.

And you will get to explore simultaneously the Sacred Masculine and Feminine energy that weave through the book so you can see exactly where you may be losing energy to the gender war.

After February 11 I will be charging $47 per month for membership in this group.

This is more than a $200 value for only $20 plus shipping (if applicable). That's only 1/10th of the investment it should be!!!

Why is this important to you?

Because life is short and there's no time to waste getting unnecessarily lost on the path.

Once you find your way, it's pre-writ that you are going to want to help others. Or maybe you already are.

We're all in this together, and until everyone gets it, no one gets it.

No matter how challenging it is to follow your purpose, you don’t get out of it. That’s the truth I saw from what I thought was my death bed.

I’m committed to assisting as many people as I can to walk through the door of purpose and breakthrough the sea of meaninglessness to freedom.

The Details

Dates: Live call dates TBD

Times: Noon CST & 7 PM CST 

Where: Zoom app

Recordings: They are available the day after each of the live calls

Investment: $20 plus shipping ($5 off of Amazon list price) for my book upcoming and FREE for the archetype study group (for now!)

Expires: This bonus offer expires February 11. 2020

Get in touch!

Let me know if you have any questions and where you're getting stuck. There are several options for one-on-one coaching and online learning too.

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